What you'll find in the Success Circle:

~ Warm Support 

~ Real-Time Resources 

~ Been-There Training from in-the-field Health Coaches!

This is a unique place:

Both a classroom library of in-demand training AND a warm, supportive community group where you are encouraged 24/7!

You are on a mission to build a profitable coaching business.

You also desire to make a positive IMPACT in your community! 

How would it feel to do BOTH?

To lift the heavy cloud of overwhelm over your business?

To be able to move forward with complete confidence and a crystal-clear plan of action?

No more working in circles…no more doing this on your own!

You are WAY MORE effective in business when you are clear about where you’re going AND have an awesome team of cheer-leading sister-coaches around you!

What's included here:

* WEEKLY Encouragement LIVEcasts to lift your spirit

* MONTHLY Training on hot biz-building topics

* INSTANT ACCESS to a full-featured resource library (which is updated often!)

* PEER and SEASONED COACH SUPPORT from faith-based Health & Life Coaches!

* ACCESS to FORMS, SPREADSHEETS and other tools for your biz

Join us for support and grow your business!

Only $37 a month to be supported as you increase your income and IMPACT!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Success Circle for Christian Health Coaches!

    • Watch This Short Welcome Video!

    • READ THIS FIRST! {How it Works}

  • 2

    Christian Health Coaching Overview & Opportunities!

    • What Is a Health Coaching Business? {8 Min Video}

    • Why This Coaching Biz Is For YOU! {9 Min Video}

    • What Do I Need In Order to Build this Business? {10 Min Training Video}

    • Tools of the Trade Quick Guide {PDF Booklet}

    • Exciting Opportunities Available to You as Christian Health Coach! {14 Min Training Video}

    • Opportunities Available to Christian Health Coaches (PDF Slideshow)

    • How to Build Your Coaching Business (Overview) - {18 Min Video}

  • 3

    Business Planning Resources

    • 1 Year Business Plan {Coaches}

    • How to Plan Content + Activities for Each Quarter & Month in Your Business! {90 min Training Video}

    • Quarterly + Monthly Planning Sheets {12 page PDF Packet}

    • Quarterly Overview Planning Sheet {1 Sheet PDF Horizontal}

    • How to Use the Mission Map as a Funnel (45 min Video Workshop)


  • 4

    Time & Task Management

    • Blank Time & Task Tracking Sheets {PDF Packet}

    • Hours & Tasks Sheet (PDF)

  • 5

    Business Tools & Tutorials

    • {Video} How to Use Google Drive + Docs Tutorial

    • How to Setup a Zoom Meeting {Screen-Share Tutorial}

  • 6

    Facebook Tutorials

    • How to Post on Facebook Group VS Facebook Biz Page {8 Minute Video}

    • How to Use the Guides Feature in Your FB Group! (7 Minute Video)

    • How to Capture FB Group Member's Emails (4 min video)

  • 7

    Branding + Marketing

    • Branding Basics 101 {PDF 16-Page Workbook}

    • Script for Coaching Openings {PDF}

  • 8

    Business Building + Growing Your Reach

    • How to Host Challenges Masterclass {Full Video Training}

    • How to Host Challenges Workbook {PDF Companion Guide to Video Training}

  • 9

    Content Strategy + Creation

    • Content Plan Ideas & Topic List {PDF}

    • Content Sharing Quick Guide {PDF Workbook}

  • 10

    All About Your Free Offer(s)!

    • Your HOT Free Thing Workshop {Full Video Training}

    • Ideas for Your Next Freebie (To Build Your Email List!)

  • 11

    Make Your Next $5K as a Health Coach (Recorded Workshop Training)

    • Make Your Next $5K - Session 1

    • Make Your Next $5K - Session 2

    • Make Your Next $5K - Session 3

    • Make Your Next $5K - Handouts

  • 12

    Sales Training: Pricing + Increasing Income

    • Getting the Next Sale or Client! (Video Training)

    • Pricing Your Services as a Christian Health Coach! {18 Min Video Training}

    • Example Income Plan {PDF}

    • Example Blurb RE: Payment Arrangements to Put Under Your Services Listing (Text Training)

    • Ideas for Your Services Page (TEXT TRAINING)

  • 13

    Personal & Professional Growth

    • The Power of Your Words {Workshop Recording}

    • Business Building Scriptures {3 -Page Printable PDF}

    • Affirmation Cards {Printable Full-Color PDF Cards!}

  • 14

    Coaching & Client Care Training

    • Scripts for Getting Leads on a Connection Call with You! (Text)

    • Connection Call Checklist for Potential Clients {PDF}

    • How to Run a Coaching Group {Video Training}

    • FAQ's on Running A Group Coaching Program (Text Training)

    • What Terms & Conditions to Put On Your Client Agreement! {VIDEO TRAINING}

    • Checklist for Client Process Workflow {PDF} After They're Closed as Paying Clients

  • 15

    Holistic Healing Training & Tips

    • Fighting Inflammation & Becoming Our Client's Health Detective! (Text Training)

    • 5 Things to Share With Every Client to Help Them See Results! (Video Training)

    • How to Help Every Client with Their Next Step for BIG Results (Video Training)

    • Nightshades (Potatoes, Bell Peppers, Eggplant) Are They Inflammatory? (Text Training)

    • How to Help A Client with a Lump or Mass (13 min video)

    • Basic Supplement Guide {PDF For Use With CLIENTS}

  • 16

    Nutrition, Weight Loss & Diet Plans (Training)

    • Diet Plans, Weight Loss Drugs, and What We Offer Instead (Video Training)

    • Diet Plans & Christian Health Coaching (Text Training)

  • 17

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Youtube Training

    • SEO Basics for YouTube Part 1 (Video Training)

    • SEO Basics for YouTube Part 2 (Video Training)

    • SEO Basics for YouTube Videos Part 3 (Video Training)

    • SEO Basics for YouTube Part 4 (Video Training)

    • SEO Basics for YouTube Videos Part 5 (Video Training)

    • SEO Basics for YouTube Videos Part 6 (Video Training)

    • Additional Resources & Tools for SEO Basics for YouTube Videos Training (Text)

  • 18

    Website & Blog Post Training

    • How to Create Or Move a Website (46 Min Video)

    • Website Design & Setup Questionnaire & Instructions (TEXT + LINKS)

    • Landing & Sales Pages Workshop Part 1 {Video Training}

    • Assessment for Writing Your Sales Page

    • Landing & Sales Pages Workshop PART 2 {Video Training}

    • Additional Resources for the Landing + Sales Page Training (Text)

    • Sales Page Template to Use on Your Site (Text)

    • Basics of WHICH Website Service To Choose & To Hire Help Or Not? {21 Min Vid Training}

    • What To Include on Your Coaching Services Page

  • 19

    COACH Toolbox (Forms, Graphics, Templates for Coaching Biz!)

    • Connection Call Checklist for Potential Client {PDF Tool}

    • Checklist for Client Process Workflow {PDF}

    • Editable Form for Client Service Agreement (Template)

    • Editable TEMPLATES for Coach Use HERE!!!

  • 20

    CLIENT Toolbox (Handouts, Visuals, Graphics & Templates for Client Use!)

    • FRESH Daily Tracking Sheet (for Clients) PDF Handout

    • Editable TEMPLATES for Client Use Here!!!

  • 21

    HOT Topics for Health Coaches

    • What's Working Now for Health Coaches Workshop (2:09 Min Video)

    • What's Working Now Workbook {PDF}

  • 22

    Q&As & Coach Chats

    • Coffee & Chat {May 13, 2023}

    • Your HOT Free Thing Workshop Q&A

    • Q&A Chat {April 13, 2023}

    • Q&A Chat {April 4, 2023}

    • March 2023 Coach Chat

    • January 2023 Coach Chat

About the instructor

Mentor Coach & Founder, FRESH Start

Bess Blanco

As a dynamic and passionate Health Coach, Author & Speaker for over 10 years, Bess assists others in establishing healthy lifestyle changes using small steps to create lasting change. Through her outreach, many people have found real results in healthy weight loss, disease prevention, breaking the hold of addictions and habits, and finding ongoing wholeness in body and spirit! Her contagious spirit and grace-filled “health evangelism” touches and equips precious people all over the country. Over the years, her “calling” into this field has become one that includes mentoring & training faith-based coaches in business-building through her Christian Health Coaching Academy and Community. She takes great joy in encouraging and equipping other coaches to make more impact AND more income through their efforts! Bess stays busy as a mama of 4 (2 are in college!) and she has been married to her husband Juan for over 24 years.