Your business is not the same as other coaching businesses...
As a Christian Coach, your challenges shouldn't be the same either. 

That's why we created this Done-for-You 14-Day Healthy Living Challenge Kit, specifically designed for Christian Health Coaches!

Now you can offer your clients, small groups, and community a healthy living challenge that's biblically-based and fits with your unique Christian message.

EVERYTHING you need to hold a 14-day challenge is included in this done-for-you kit! {And we mean, EVERYTHING!}

This Course & Challenge Kit contains literally ALL the pieces you need to help you walk through the planning, execute the tasks for your Challenges, and hold AMAZING Challenge experiences - both for your community and your business growth!

This challenge was created for Coach Bess Blanco's FRESH Start coaching business and has been successfully held multiple times for nearly 10 years! Utilized in small church group settings and individual and group coaching sessions, coaches across the globe have seen the physical, mental and spiritual transformation of their participants many times over.

Inside the 14-Day Challenge Kit you'll find everything you need to: 

  • exhibit your knowledge as a Christian Health Coach.

  • share your gift to help your participants create TRUE and LASTING results in their lives!

  • create powerful relationships with your audience that will open doors for future clients in your coaching practice.

  • convert challengers into clients and grow your business profits!

What's Included:


    Every thing you need to hold a challenge from start to finish is included. Many pieces can be branded to your business.


    No guesswork needed, we've included how-to videos and PDFs to walk you through every step of the way.


    Access to the creators of the FRESH Start 14-Day Challenge, Coach Bess & Arika. Ask questions, get tech support, and encouragement.


    Extra videos, tips, and ideas for making more money with little to no extra work to help you get the most from your challenges.

Have you been wanting to hold a healthy-living challenge, but just can’t get past the thought of having to create everything you need on your own? 

Do you struggle with the tech side of setting everything up, creating meal plans and emails/group posts to actually make your challenge a success for both you and your participants?

We’ve got you covered...
We’ve done ALL of that and more in this KIT!

Here’s a breakdown of EVERY template you’ll receive in your kit: 

Marketing Graphics - You’ll get completely editable graphics to help you advertise your challenge. Personalize them for your type of challenge and business!

Printable Fliers - These ready-to-use printable fliers are great for marketing your challenge in person and taking payment from your participants!

Social Media Copy Sales Posts - We’ve included both short and long versions of copy you can use on your social media posts to help you tell others about your challenge and generate sales.

Pre-written Marketing Emails - Have an email list already? These make it super easy to market your challenge to your subscribers!

Challenge Kickoff/Welcome Slideshow - We've included a slideshow for you to use during your kickoff webinar!  Pre-Written Emails {confirmation and welcome emails} - Use these to set up your mailing list for the challenge!

Done-for-You Welcome Packet - This will give your challengers everything they need to know to get the most from their experience!

Emails for Every Day of the Challenge - You can send these daily action plan emails and/or use them as daily Facebook group posts during the challenge.

Extra Daily Graphics - Use these in your Facebook Support Group or other forum. 

Challenge Recipes, Meal Ideas, and Shopping Lists - Use these tools as they are or edit to fit your own personal choices for your challenge. 

PDF & Video Step-by-Step Instructions and Tutorials - Whether you have a website or not, we walk you through every single step of setting up your challenge!

With this Done-for-You Kit you can:

  • Get new, paying clients for your group programs or one-on-one coaching.

  • Coach groups {or individuals} who are looking for TRUE healthy-lifestyle changes without quick fixes, strict, unhealthy diets, or potions or pills that promise results that never happen.

  • Increase your income and MORE!

What Other Coaches Have Seen

After Using the Challenge Kit in Their Businesses

  • Additional Income

    Coaches are earning, on average, between $300 and $1,000 every time they hold this challenge!

  • More Community Interest & Involvement

    Something new to offer your audience at a price range that’s just right for them!

  • Renewed Passion

    Challenges are a great way to get your fire back for teaching a healthy living lifestyle!

One of the best things about the FRESH Start 14-Day Challenge is that it’s a short term challenge that can lead to long term results for your participants.

  • Weightloss {the RIGHT way} - Past participants have found that changing their habits to healthier ones means they naturally lose weight!

  • Enhanced Energy & Endurance - This happens almost immediately and in a natural way that doesn't shock their system!

  • A NEW outlook on health and wellness - The most common discovery of participants. They see healthy living in a whole new light and continue to embrace the changes they've made even after the challenge is over.

  • Returned Hope & Ambition - It really is possible to reach their goals without depriving themselves, taking a magic pill or potion, or going on a fad diet only to be disappointed.

  • Deeper Relationship with God - New, stronger commitments to living healthier and a renewed sense of purpose pursuing the Father's will for their lives.

  • Less Chronic Pain & Sleepless Nights - We've seen these two testimonials consistently over the years from challengers.

  • Mind Renewal - Discovering weight loss and healthy living can be done and done naturally.

  • Strengthened Relationships & New Friendships - Stronger bonds with family and friends and brand new lifelong friendships with fellow challengers.

  • Stronger Coach-Client Relationships - Great for everyone involved!

What Other Coaches are Experiencing

after Adding this Done-for-You Kit to their Coach Offerings

  • Improved Confidence

    You’ll become more confident in what you have to offer as a Christian health coach!

  • Increased Income & Profit

    Challenges are a natural way to turn participants into private coaching clients!

  • Greater Reach

    Make a greater IMPACT by reaching more of those you're called to serve at one time!

While the challenge was created to be held as a group coaching experience, and we’ve found this works best for both participants and coaches alike, it is possible to walk your clients through the challenge individually should you choose. 

It’s also a great way to offer your community a taste of what you have to offer and your coaching methods in a low-cost, short time frame commitment. When they see their results from just 2 weeks of this challenge, they’re more likely to continue their coaching relationship with you as private clients. That means even more profit for you in the future!

No matter how you choose to utilize this kit in your health coaching business, your participants will experience results that will stay with them for a lifetime and they’ll have YOU to thank for it! 

We've made the Done-for-You 14-Day FRESH Start Challenge Kit VERY affordable!

We want you to actually make money with it - not just once, but over and over again! Your ROI {return on investment} is truly LIMITLESS with this kit!

You won't find any other challenge kit out there that is designed, tested, and proven to make a difference in the lives of those who participate for this price!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Done-For-You Challenge Kit!

    • Welcome to the Done-for-You Challenge Kit!

    • {PDF} Challenge Set Up Checklist {WITH a Website}

    • {PDF} Challenge Set Up Checklist {WITHOUT a Website}

  • 2

    Participant Materials for the Challenge

    • IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS on using Canva and these templates!

    • How to Merge Separate PDF's Into One PDF Packet {4 Mins}

    • {PDF TUTORIAL} How to Create Your Welcome Packet for Participants {WITH a Website}

    • {PDF TUTORIAL} How to Create Your Welcome Packet for Participants {WITHOUT a Website}

    • Welcome Packet (Editable in Canva)

    • Handouts to Use In your Challenge (Editable)

    • Meal Ideas and Shopping Lists Canva Templates (Editable)

    • Challenge Meal Ideas Packet {PDF Version to Use As-Is}

    • How to Edit Handout & Meal Ideas Materials {7 Min Video}

    • {PDF TUTORIAL} How to Load a PDF to Google Drive {WITHOUT a Website}

    • How to Load PDF to Drive Make It Shareable and Get Link {2 Min Video}

  • 3

    Website Setup & Templates

    • SALES PAGE TEMPLATE (For Websites or Landing Page on your Email Service Provider!)

    • {PDF TUTORIAL} How to Load a PDF (or other type) File to Your Website

    • How to Upload PDFs to Website {6 Min Video}

    • {PDF TUTORIAL} How to Set Up a Challenge Sales Page On Your Website

    • How to Set Up Your Sales Page {6 Min Video}

    • {PDF TUTORIAL} How to Set Up Your Thank You Page on Your Website

    • How to Set Up Your Thank You Page & Add Your List Sign Up Box to It {4 Min Video}

    • How to Create Your Paypal Button {6 Min Video}

    • {PDF TUTORIAL} How to Set Up Your Paypal Buttons

    • Template of Pay Button Graphic in Canva

  • 4

    Email Setup with Tutorials & Video Training

    • {PDF TUTORIAL} How to Set Up Your Email List

    • How to Set Up Your Email List {8 Min Video}

    • {PDF TUTORIAL} How to Create a List Sign Up Box

    • How to Create Your List Sign Up Box {9 Min Video)

    • {PDF TUTORIAL} How to Schedule Your Welcome & Daily Emails

    • How to Schedule Your Welcome & Daily Emails {14 Min Video}

  • 5

    Email Templates to Edit & Use for Your Challenge

    • READ THIS FIRST!!! Instructions for Using these Templates!

    • {Text Template} Challenge Confirmation Email

    • {Text Template} Challenge Welcome Email

    • SHORTER Daily Conversational Emails to Send Participants to Group

    • {Text Template} Email for Facebook Event or Party to Close Up Challenge

    • {Optional} Email to Send 2 Days Before Kickoff - to the Registered Participants for Challenge List!

  • 6

    Marketing & Sales Aids For Challenge

    • Suggestions for Marketing for Challenge

    • Flier Templates in Canva to Advertise Challenge

    • {Short} Social Media Posts to Personalize & Use

    • Promotional Posts or Emails to Advertise for Challenge (LONG)

    • Last Chance to Join Challenge (Sales Email to Send Your Entire Email List + Post on Social)

    • BONUS! Ways to Soft Market Your Challenge (6 min Video)

    • PNG Version of Challenge Graphics (in ZIP File)

  • 7

    Facebook Group Setup & Materials (Your Challenge Forum!)

    • {PDF TUTORIAL} How to Set Up Your Facebook Group

    • How to Set Up Your Challenge Facebook Group {7 Min Video}

    • {Text Template} Facebook Group Set Up Copy

    • Links to Your Editable Graphics In Canva!

    • How to Edit Graphics in Canva {4 Min Video}

    • Daily Post Graphics for Use As-Is (Zipped File)

    • FULL Length Daily Post Challenge Prompts for Facebook Group

    • {PDF TUTORIAL} How to Schedule Daily Facebook Group Posts

    • How to Schedule Your Daily Posts to Facebook Group {4 Min Video}

  • 8

    Facebook Event Instructions and Materials

    • Instructions on Holding a Facebook Event for Marketing Your Challenge (See Video Tutorial as well!)

    • Template for Hosting a Facebook Chat Party! (As Your Free Event to Market for Next Offer OR Build Your List)

    • How to Use Facebook Event Feature {15 Min Video}

    • Email or Post to Invite Peeps to Facebook Chat Party

    • Template for Facebook Event Cover Graphic

  • 9

    Webinar Materials & Instructions

    • Slideshow for Kickoff Webinar (Editable - Can be Used for Any Webinar!)

    • How to Edit Slideshow in Canva {8 Min Video}

    • How to Hold Your Kickoff Webinar {8 Min Video}

    • {PDF TUTORIAL} How to Use Zoom to Host Your Challenge Webinars

    • How to Use Zoom for Challenge Webinars {9 Min Video}

About the instructor

Mentor Coach & Founder, FRESH Start

Bess Blanco

As a dynamic and passionate Health Coach, Author & Speaker for over 10 years, Bess assists others in establishing healthy lifestyle changes using small steps to create lasting change. Through her outreach, many people have found real results in healthy weight loss, disease prevention, breaking the hold of addictions and habits, and finding ongoing wholeness in body and spirit! Her contagious spirit and grace-filled “health evangelism” touches and equips precious people all over the country. Over the years, her “calling” into this field has become one that includes mentoring & training faith-based coaches in business-building through her Christian Health Coaching Academy and Community. She takes great joy in encouraging and equipping other coaches to make more impact AND more income through their efforts! Bess stays busy as a mama of 4 (2 are in college!) and she has been married to her husband Juan for over 24 years.