Hi World-Changer!

The Health & Life Coaching field is an exciting place to build a business! 

However, it can be a tough area to serve and grow a business these days (especially maneuvering it as a Christian Coach!) … 

...tough, that is, if you are trying to do it ALONE. 

Or from scratch. 

Coach, we know how you feel!

That’s why we established the Christian Health Coach Academy…to give you a warm place to learn how to build a godly business beside other faith-based coaches…and to provide a uniquely powerful program you can use in your own business. 


Our Christian Health Coach Certification course is different than the rest.

It's a robust curriculum, full of Biblical guidance and practical application techniques for you to use in your coaching business!

Our students are able to start building their business AS they learn new topics each week, which translates into INCOME and IMPACT immediately for them!

It is a program that has been tested, proven and constantly tweaked to deliver REAL results to your clients.

Our Certified Coach Curriculum is set apart because...

It’s a unique combination of action-producing strategies AND faith-building activities. 

This is a beautiful 20+ week experience, creating a STRONG spiritual and practical foundation for YOU to build your coaching business on.

Your mentors here are “in the trenches” with you! We're bringing our combined experience, skills and strategies to this curriculum and support group. 

The need for you is SO GREAT! So many are hurting, and looking for your help...they just need you to bring it to them!

It is such an exciting time for you to serve your community as a Christian Health Coach – as you know, they NEED you and the unique gifts you bring!

By taking this course, you can begin working less on the “figuring out” of it all, and more on the execution of action that produces income AND influence!

JOIN US! Our next LIVE semester starts February 26, 2024!

One Graduate of the Christian Health Coach Academy & Certification said:  

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Here's the Modules and Chapters in detail - for you to compare our curriculum and resources with the other choices you have out there!

Module 1 "Discovering Your Role"

Establish your Mission & Vision for this calling, get clarity on who you'll serve, and learn new methods to serve your clients better!

  • Set Your Compass: The Vision & Your Mission

  • Who You Serve + How to Package Your Message

  • How to Make An I.M.P.A.C.T.

  • Art of Listening (BONUS) - how to be a better listener and developing active listening skills

  • Our Perspective As Christian Health Coaches - how are we different and what are our advantages?

Module 2 "Finding, Closing, Serving Clients"

All the training you'll need to know on finding, closing and serving happy clients!

  • How to Find, Close, Serve and Release Highly Satisfied Clients

  • Client Assessment, Goal Setting + Ongoing Communication for happy client experience

  • Creating Your Client's Personal Plan & Coaching Through it to Success

Module 3 "Setting Up Your Business"

Everything you need to know to legally and formally set up your business, establish your online platforms and presence, and sell from your valuable content sharing!

  • Setting up Your Office Processes (Virtual and In Person!)

  • Time & Task Management - manage your tasks and time for a more effective business

  • Website & Blogging - Establish your online presence and sell easily from it

  • Social Media - Which ones to use? + How-to guides on setting them up

  • Email List building and Creating Your Free Opt-in - build valuable connections with your community through email, and sell more easily along the way

  • Content planning: what to share on your online platforms & how to set up your Content Calendar

Module 4 - Christian CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Training and resources to use in helping your clients with this important area of lifestyle change: their mental health and mindset patterns!

  • Christian Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & How it Works - How to help clients motivate themselves + buy into making their own lifestyle changes

  • The Mind-Body Connection - what is mindset change? How to take your clients into belief for their healing and developing the habits that support it

Module 5 - Nutritional Education & Our Approach

High quality client resources and training to bring a balanced nutritional approach to those you serve as a health coach! Includes all the tools, handouts, and in-depth training you'll need!

  • Teaching and modeling Holistic Wellness as a Christian Coach

  • Nutritional Basics to Share with Your Clients to help them heal

  • "The 3 Client Pathways" - the Assessment and Pathway tool we give you to help your clients achieve REAL results, no matter their condition

  • Our signature 4-week AND 12-week programs to use effectively with all clients, no matter what their condition

Interested, but want to talk to us first? 

Book a TOTALLY FREE, no-pressure call with Coach Bess by clicking HERE. 

I love to connect with you, hear your heart and ensure we are the right Certification for you!

Learn more about our one-of-a-kind Certification Course... 

This is a Christian Health & Life Coaching certification program that is:

  • about Bible-based & healthy mind-change principles that are practical to use in your own coaching program
  • training for your health coaching business growth and increasing your influence through godly business building
  • inspired and empowering classes that help you to discover and empower YOUR calling!
  • about joining a powerful & effective health & lifestyle coaching team who are also on a mission in their own communities!


Here’s what you get:

  • A 28+ chapter CERTIFIED CHRISTIAN HEALTH COACH Training through recordings, PDF Chapters, forms and handouts in our online course classroom

  • LIVE extra weekly 1-hour training through Zoom! Hang out with your mentors and learn from other peers in the field!

  • Access to Private Training & Support Group in a 24/7 interactive Facebook forum (With weekly LIVE training Zoom webinars with your mentors!)

  • Printed Workbooks & Fun Goodies mailed to your home.

  • Certified Coach Listing on our website – you'll get exposure and be VISIBLE to potential clients once you complete your training!

  • Use of the Official Christian Health Coach Community "Certified Coach" Seal and opportunities to be profiled on our Social Media sites

This is a beautifully unique program.

A warm, small group feel, power-packed mentoring program where your calling joined with the faith-based, practical teachings of our program come together to grow your personal calling and message!

It isn’t a training you can find anywhere else. 

You'll be seen for your gifts, known as a valuable coach, and encouraged in deeply personal ways!

Our next {LIVE!} class is February 26, 2024!

With LIVE Zoom calls alternating weekly on Monday evenings & daytimes! 

And ongoing motivational LIVEcasts, check-in threads and posts from your mentors in-between in our interactive, private FB group!

Sign Up & Access Your Classroom TODAY!

You'll have immediate access to the entire course inside!

FAQ's About Our Program

Here's the questions we commonly receive and our answers to them!

  • I don’t live in the US. Can I still participate in this course?

    We’d love to welcome you to the course, no matter where you live! So far, we’ve been proud to graduate new Certified Coaches from all over the US, as well as from England, South America, Australia and Canada! The LIVE component could be a bit tricky, due to differences in time zones, but we’d make adjustments and we always offer recordings to all the meetings. We want to include you in the support, no matter where you’re from.

  • Is this course all I’ll need to begin or grow my Health Coaching business?

    Yes, this Certification Course truly is a business-in-a-box, a complete package of everything you need to make your business profitable and sustainable! We made sure to include everything you need to set up your business, align it legally, meet new prospects, close and serve them well as happy clients, and even manage your time and tasks as an entrepreneur! All the business training you need to get started or grow in your business is included. From setting up your brand, message and mission, to getting stronger in your communication skills. Setting up your online storefront (your website!) and establishing your social media presence and habits. It’s all here!

  • What are your qualifications in forming this program?

    The creator of this program, Coach Bess, was a busy health coach with a full practice for over 10 years. She created multiple programs and enrolled hundreds of clients in small groups, Challenges, and coaching experiences. Building her client base, she served over 300+ clients and helped many of them find hope and healing in the time they coached with her. As she was busy building her business, other Christian Health Coaches began to ask her how she was doing it. So she created a program for her peers, initially at no cost, then later, more formally (anything to help reach the thousands who are desperate for hope and healthy living guidance!) Since initially creating this program, we continue to add valuable training to it from not only Coach Bess and her research and experience, but also other qualified contributors!

Need more information first? 
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What IS included with Certification in the Christian Health Coach Academy?

  • Health Coach Business-Building training — from start to finish, find profits & success!

  • Lifestyle Coach Certification & Licensing – rights to use the program materials and brand in your own coaching business!

  • Hands-On Coach Training from our unique perspective — changing lives with coaching!

  • Leadership & Communication Skills — team building, communicating effectively, growth & transformation skills!

  • Live, always-open mentoring forum in an exclusive, private Facebook Group where you will be given behind-the-scenes access

Just a few of the tools and benefits included in this Certified Course:

  • Full 28+ Chapter Course – Taken at Your Own Pace and From the Comfort of Your Home!

  • Client Communication, Record & Tracking Forms – Set up your activity and time management in your coaching business, right from class!

  • Official Christian Health Coach Certification – Add credibility to your practice with our Certification

  • LIVE Mentoring Webinars and Calls – Get additional LIVE role-playing, practice opportunities and mentoring from our leadership team

  • Private LIVE Support Group – 24/7 Access to your classmates and mentors!

Join us and be a part of this exciting training & Certification program!

Gain immediate access to the entire course!

LIVE discussions & Support Group Start January!

What our happy graduates are saying...

“I am so grateful to have found the Coaching Academy as I had been seeking an outstanding Christ- centered, Biblically-based health coaching program…and that’s exactly what I found with this! Coach Bess is an amazing leader along with the other coach/trainers. I have learned so much in the short time I’ve been a part and am already incorporating what I’ve learned as I design my own coaching practice. I will be recommending this program to my colleagues who want to become certified in the health coaching field. There is no other program I’m aware of that offers such a robust combination of training, support and resources than this.”

~ Jana Denninger, Indiana 

“The  Christian Coach Academy is a fabulous opportunity for faith based coaches. The solid curriculum and the availability of experienced mentor coaches who are willing to share their expertise make this program priceless. I highly recommend this Coach Academy to anyone who is interested in meshing faith with practice. This gives you the “meat and potatoes” of health and wellness coaching. The “gravy” is the continued dedicated support of Coach Bess, the mentor coaches and the greater community of graduated Coaches who are out there making the world a healthier place, one person at a time.”

~ Lisa Coniglio, New York - 2014 Graduate

“Wow…how does one begin to describe how blessed and enriched and humbled they are to be part of this incredible, beautiful anointed group of women. I don’t think you ladies have any idea of the quality and professional level of training you have put together. Blows me away! CORPORATIONS don’t do it this well!!”

~ Betty M., Michigan

After almost 40 years as a staff nurse at a large metropolitan hospital, I retired. I was retired, but now I am officially re-fired! Recently I heard the Spirit of the Lord say to me, “It’s okay to dream again.” And as I prepared my homework assignment and looked at my mission, God reminded me of past dreams that He had placed on my heart, but I had forgotten. My mission has not changed, but my vision is coming forth with greater clarity. I started reading one of the recommended books, “Taking the Limits Off God” the other day and all I can say is Wow!!!”

~ Jo Cornelison, Ohio

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Course Curriculum:

What's included in the course!

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • {90 Sec Video} Welcome to this Course from Coach Bess!

    • Welcome to the Academy, Coach! {Team Video}

    • How to Join Your Group

    • {PDF Download} Welcome & Journaling Assessment Workbook

  • 2

    Introduction & Syllabus

    • {PDF Download} Introduction & Syllabus

  • 3

    Chapter 1: Set Your Compass

    • {PDF} CHC Academy Manual - Chapter 1 Part 1

    • {Video} Chapter 1 - Part 1 Training

    • {PDF} CHC ACADEMY Manual Chapter 1 Part 2

    • {3 min Video} Chapter 1 Part 2 Overview

  • 4

    Chapter 2: Who and How We Serve

    • {PDF} CHC ACADEMY Manual Chapter 2 - Who We Serve & How

    • {Video} Chapter 2 Overview

  • 6

    BONUS: The Art of Listening

    • {AUDIO} Art of Listening Training

    • {PDF Workbook} BONUS: Art of Listening

  • 7

    Chapter 4: Our Perspective

    • {PDF} CHCA Manual Chapter 4 Our Perspective

    • {Video Training 45 Mins} CHCA Chapter 4 Our Perspective

  • 8

    BONUS: Your Basic Business Legal Setup (Quick Guide)

    • {PDF} Legal Quick Start Guide

  • 9

    Chapter 5: Finding, Closing & Serving Happy Clients

    • PLEASE VIEW FIRST before reading chapter 5! (2 minute video)

    • {PDF Download} CHC ACADEMY Manual Chapter 5

    • {Video Training - 1 Hour} CHCA Chapter 5

    • Connection Call Checklist {PDF Tool}

    • Editable Client Agreement Forms - One with Logo, One Without

    • Tutorial on Editing Contract for Every Client in Canva {5 minute video}

    • Client EMAIL Templates - Welcome Email & Testimonial Request

    • Checklist for Client Process Workflow (PDF)

  • 10

    Chapter 6 - Part 1: Taking the Assessment

    • {Video Training - 28 mins} CHCA Chapter 6 Part 1

    • {PDF} CHC ACADEMY Manual Chapter 6 PART 1

    • {Form Templates} Client Forms in Canva

    • {PDF} Generic Coach Forms - No Logo

    • {PDF} Generic Red State Coach Forms - Use These if You're in a Red State

    • {Bonus Training} The Close & Assessment Practice

  • 11

    Chapter 6 - Part 2: Goal Setting With Your Client

    • {Video 25 min Training} CHCA Chapter 6 Part 2

    • {PDF} CHC ACADEMY Manual Chapter 6 PART 2

    • {Form Templates} Client Goal Setting & Email Summary Canva Templates

    • {PDF Version} Email Summary & Goal Setting Forms

  • 12

    Chapter 7 - Creating Your Client's Plan

    • {PDF} CHC ACADEMY Manual Chapter 7

    • {45 Min Video} CHCA Chapter 7

  • 13

    Chapter 8 - Setting Up Your Office & Processes

    • {PDF} CHC ACADEMY Manual Chapter 8

    • {25 min video} CHCA Chapter 8

  • 14

    Chapter 9 - Time & Task Management

    • {32 min video} CHCA Chapter 9 Training

    • {PDF} CHCA Manual Chapter 9

    • {PDF} Weekly Planner Sheet

    • {Video} How to Track Your Website Numbers & What to Track

    • {Video} How to Track Your Aweber & Email List Numbers

  • 15

    BONUS - Quarterly Business Planning Training

    • {Video Training} How to Plan for the Quarter & Month

    • {PDF} Quarterly 1-Sheet Biz Plan

    • {PDF} Planning Sheets

  • 16

    BONUS: Branding & Message Quick Guide

    • {16 Min Video} Branding & Message Quick Training

    • {PDF} Branding & Message Guide

  • 17

    BONUS: Overview of Online Business Building (3 Pillars)

  • 18

    Chapter 10 - Your Website & Blog

    • {14 min video) CHCA Chapter 10 for Coaches With a Website

    • {22 min video} CHCA Chapter 10 for Coaches Without a Website

    • {PDF} CHCA Manual Chapter 10 {For Coaches WITH a Website}

    • {PDF} CHCA Manual Chapter 10 {For Coaches WITHOUT a Website}

  • 19

    Chapter 11 - Your Content Sharing Plan

    • Content Sharing Circle {PDF}

    • Content Plan Idea & Topic List {CHCA}

    • {PDF} CHCA Manual Chapter 11

    • {35 Min Video} CHCA Chapter 11 Training

    • {BONUS 15 Min Video} Content Planning Topic Idea Training

  • 20

    Chapter 12 - Your Email List & Freebie

    • {PDF} CHCA Manual Chapter 12

    • {42 Min Video} CHCA Chapter 12 Training

    • {PDF} Email List Assessment {For Coaches With Existing Email Lists}

    • {PDF} Email List Building Map

    • {PDF} Freebie Flow Chart

    • {PDF} Freebie & Email List Flow

    • How to Set up a List + Program Emails + Sign Up Box on Aweber

    • {BONUS VIDEO} How to Create Your Ebook in Canva

    • {BONUS VIDEO} How to Create an Ebook Cover Graphic


  • 21

    Chapter 13 - Social Media Setup & Posting

    • {PDF} CHCA Manual Chapter 13

    • {43 min Video} CHCA Chapter 13 Training

    • {22-Min Video} How to Use Buffer to Schedule Social Media Posts

    • {32 Min Video} Overview of Facebook - the Basics of Pages, Groups, Events

    • {17-Min Video} Introduction + Overview to MeWe Social Network

    • {1 Hour Video} How to Grow Your Business on Facebook MASTERCLASS

    • {19-Min Video} How to Create a Facebook Ad to Grow Likes (Following) on Your Page

    • {5-Min Video} How to Use Social Media Tracking Sheet

    • Link to Social Media Tracking Sheet in Google Drive!

  • 22

    BONUS: Done-For-You Social Media Graphic Templates

    • How to Edit and Brand Your Social Media Graphics (8 minute Video Training)

    • How to Download and Save Your Graphics (7 min Training Video)

    • Editing Link for the Graphics (Link to Canva)

  • 23

    Chapter 14 - Intro to Christian CBT

    • {1-Hour Video} CHCA Chapter 14 Training

    • {PDF} CHCA Manual Chapter 14

    • {PDF} Tracking Emotional Triggers Client Worksheet

    • {PDF} Core Beliefs Worksheets

    • {PDF} ANTS Worksheet

    • Chapter 14 - Links to Editable Templates

  • 24

    Chapter 15 - The Mind-Body Connection

    • {46 min Video} CHCA Chapter 15 Training

    • {PDF} CHCA Manual Chapter 15

    • {PDF} Journaling Sheets & Exercises

    • {PDF} Scripture Cards

    • Reminder Cards (CHCA)

    • Chapter 15 - Editable Templates

  • 25

    Chapter 16 - The Habit Change Cycle

    • {53 min Video} CHCA Chapter 16 Training

    • {PDF} CHCA Manual Chapter 16

    • {PDF} Surrender VS Control Chart

    • {PDF} 7 Spiritual Keys of Habit Change Worksheet

    • {12 Min Video} How to Use the Habit-Change Cycle Method Tool

    • {PDF} Habit Change Cycle Method

    • Chapter 16 - Editable Templates

  • 26

    BONUS - The Amazing Human Body!

    • {PDF} The Amazing Human Body!

  • 27

    BONUS - The Function of Food

    • {PDF} The Function of Food

  • 28

    BONUS - Vitamin & Mineral Guide

    • {PDF} BONUS Vitamin & Mineral Guide

    • {PDF} Vitamin D & Magnesium Info

  • 29

    Chapter 17 - Your Role in Nutritional Coaching

    • {PDF} CHCA Manual Chapter 17

    • {56 Min Video} Chapter 17 Training

    • {PDF} BONUS Nutritional Overview

    • {PDF} FRESH Food Can-Eat List

    • {PDF} Snack Ideas

    • {PDF} Serving Size Examples Chart

    • {PDF} Understanding Nutrition Labels

    • {PDF} Pantry Checklist

    • Chapter 17 - Editable Templates

  • 30

    Chapter 18 - The Toxic Situation {and the Solution!}

    • {PDF} CHCA Manual Chapter 18

    • {56 Min Video} Chapter 18 Training

    • {PDF} Probiotics & Prebiotics

    • {PDF} Anti-Inflammation Food Charts

    • {PDF} Power Food Combos

    • {Templates} Tracking Sheet & FRESH Food List

    • {PDF} FRESH Food Pyramid

    • {PDF} Sample FRESH Meal Plan

    • {Resource} Smoothie Recipe & How To

    • Chapter 18 - Editable Templates

  • 31

    Chapter 19 - Using The Client Pathways {Tools Included!}

    • {6 Minute Video} How to Use Client Pathway Assessment

    • {PDF} Assessment for Client Pathway

    • {PDF} Prevention Pathway Guide

    • {30 Min Training Video} How to Use the Prevention Pathway Guide

    • {PDF} Weight Loss Pathway Guide

    • {16 Min Training Video} How to Use the Weight Loss Pathway Guide

    • {PDF} Healing Pathway Guide

    • {21 Min Training Video} How to Use the Healing Pathway Guide

    • Chapter 19 - Editable Templates

  • 32

    Chapter 20 - The Great Command {With 4 Week Example Client Plan!}

    • {PDF} CHCA Manual Chapter 20

    • {25 Min} Chapter 20 - The Great Command

  • 33

    BONUS: 25 Ways to Meet and Serve New Clients

    • 25 Ways to Meet & Serve New Clients (PDF Training)

  • 34

    Miscellaneous Training + Tutorials + Forms

    • (Video) Practice Coaching Session

    • How to use Google Drive Tutorial

    • {Tech Video + Templates Tutorial} How to Create Cards in Canva

    • Contact Form {Blank PDF}

    • {Video} Pomodorro Method Part 1 - Time Management

    • {Video} Pomodoro Method Part 2 - Time Management

    • {Video Training} How to Plan for the Quarter & Month

    • {PDF} Quarterly + Monthly Planning Sheets

    • {PDF} Quarter Biz Plan Sheet

    • Planning Scriptures {PDF}

  • 35

    Certified Coach Assets (Logo, Seal, Wholesale Pricing, Affiliate Info)

    • Graphics to use in Celebrating Your Graduation!

    • CHCA Affiliate Program: Your Additional Income Stream!

    • Order the FRESH Start for Health Workbook at WHOLESALE!

  • 36

    FALL 2023 CLASS - Recordings of Zoom Discussions

    • Kickoff Discussion (7/31/23)

    • CH 1 Discussion (8/7/23)

    • CH 2 Discussion (8/14/23)

    • CH 3 Discussion (8/20/23)

    • CH 4 Discussion (8/28/23)

    • CH 5 Discussion (9/4/23)

    • CH 6 Discussion (9/11/23)

    • CH 7 Discussion (9/18/23)

    • CH 8 Discussion (9/25/23)

    • CH 9 Discussion (10/02/23)

    • CH 10 Discussion (10/09/23)

    • CH 11 Discussion (10/16/23)

    • CH 12 Discussion (10/25/23)

    • CH 13 Discussion (10/30/23)

    • CH 14 Discussion (11/06/23)

    • CH 15 Discussion (11/13/23)

    • CH 16 Discussion (11/20/23)

    • CH 17 Discussion (11/27/23)

    • CH 18 Discussion (12/05/23)

    • CH 19 Discussion (12/11/23)

    • CH 20 Discussion (12/18/23)

Reviews of this course:

What happy students are saying...

5 star rating


Linda Noder

WOW - This chapter should be renamed "From Pride to Humility" Thank you Lord, for your loving conviction and thank you, Bess for your excellent material. T...

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WOW - This chapter should be renamed "From Pride to Humility" Thank you Lord, for your loving conviction and thank you, Bess for your excellent material. This is Great chapter on how to honor the Lord while serving others. The scriptures mentioned in this chapter are now on my wall as a constant reminder of WHO I serve. John 3:30 "He must increase, but I must decrease"

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5 star rating

A Divine Appointment

Suzanne Penn

God handpicked this training for me and it exceeded anything I expected. Was worth way more than what I paid for it. This training is designed not to just gi...

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God handpicked this training for me and it exceeded anything I expected. Was worth way more than what I paid for it. This training is designed not to just give you more knowledge, but to make things happen in your coaching calling! It is designed in a way that you will be taking intentional action steps throughout the course and be mentored and poured into in abundance! I had a client before even finishing the course and several more to start soon. These skills are applicable to any type of coaching. The support is fabulous as well. You won't regret taking this training!!

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